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Where is Young?
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As the crow flies, Young is approximately 80 miles northeast of the Phoenix metro area. From the East Valley, it's a pleasant three-hour drive up to Young.

From Payson: Travel east on Hwy 260 approximately 33 miles. Climb up the face of the Mogollon Rim, continuing to the Young Road turnoff (FR 512). Turn right (south), slow down and enjoy the remaining 17 miles of all-weather, county-maintained road until the pavement begins again 4½ miles from the north edge of town.

From Globe: Travel north on Hwy 88 toward Roosevelt Lake for approximately 15 miles to the Hwy 288 turnoff. The first 11 miles of Hwy 288 are paved, and the next 35 have a well-maintained, all-weather driving surface. Slow down and enjoy the scenery.

By air: One can fly into what locals refer to as the "Young International Airport", an unpaved, unlighted 4752' runway that can actually accommodate most twin-engine aircraft. It is located on the Chamberlain Trail, about 5 miles from Young. Be sure to arrange for someone to pick you up, as there are no facilities at the airstrip, and taxis are few and far between.


The town of Young is located in Pleasant Valley, surrounded by the Tonto National Forest which attracts campers, hunters and fishermen. There are miles of trails to explore on horseback or on foot. Most areas in Young offer breath-taking views of the mountains that surround Pleasant Valley.

The valley itself is fertile, with a rich and plentiful water supply. The elevation ranges from 5100 to 5600 feet, which makes for four mild but distinct seasons and a 6-month growing season. Fruit trees, berries, grapes as well as vegetable gardens flourish here. Juniper, oaks and Ponderosa Pines cover the hills and mountains surrounding Young, while the creek beds are lined with sycamores, walnut, willows and cottonwoods.

Winters are short and can be wet, with occasional 3 to 8 inch snow accumulation. A large snow storm here or on the Rim can mean several days without electricity in the town of Young. This adds, we feel, to the "true mountain experience". The average high in January is 51º F. Low temperatures rarely dip below 10º. Woodstoves are a common source of home heating in Young.

Summer high-low temperatures usually fluctuate about 40º, from daily highs of 80º - 95º to nighttime lows of 40º - 55º. The humidity is low, but not as dry as the desert. Air conditioning is rarely needed in Pleasant Valley.

Rainfall averages about 25 inches annually. In 1992, a very wet year, Young had 33 inches! Monsoon storms in the area begin in late June, while May is generally the driest month. Gardeners begin planting frost-resistant veggies in April or May. It is possible to have frost (or even snow!) as late as early June.

History and Community Events

Pleasant Valley began as a cattle ranching community in the 1800's. It is the site of the brutal, 5-year, "to the last man" feud between the Grahams and Tewksburys that history has recorded between 1887 and 1892.

The town's name, originally Pleasant Valley, was changed to Young because of Miss Ola Young, who served fifty years as the town's first postmaster.

Summer Activities

There are major archaeological finds and other fascinating historical sites throughout the entire area. On the 3rd weekend in July, Young celebrates Pleasant Valley Days with a parade and tours of the cabins and battle sites of the "Pleasant Valley War". The museums are open every weekend in summer, and gymkhanas are held for young people.

Young Public School

Enrollment is about 85 students, preschool through 12th grade. The school meets M-Th with Fridays open for doctor appointments and sports, etc. For more information call (928) 462-3244.

Community Services

Young is primarily a retirement and vacation getaway community. Over half the population of approximately 800 year-round residents are older than 50, and are retired. Employers include the U.S. Forest Service, Young Public School, and several small businesses. Some residents work outside of Young, and come home on the weekends.

There is a local Mormon congregation, plus the Young Baptist Church, and Grace Bible Fellowship Church. Young also has two grocery stores, a restaurant, an auto parts store, auto mechanic shops, a trap club and a library. There are Boy Scouts, Brownies, and Little League Baseball. The Community Council coordinates various affairs for the town and manages a roping arena and the community center.

The U.S. Mail comes up six days a week from Globe. UPS delivers on weekdays, and picks up at a local business site. Federal Express delivers as needed, but does not do pick-ups... yet.

Midvale Telephone provides local service. Their toll free is 1-800-462-4523. The three public phones in town (at the Post Office, Antlers, Valley Bar) provide free local calls, and non-coin long distance.

Arizona Public Service provides electricity. Their local number is (928) 462-3505. Television reception is by antenna, or from your own satellite dish. Propane gas delivery service is available from either Young or Globe.

Emergency / Medical

Gila County Sheriffs Department has two deputies on duty in Young. The Pleasant Valley Medical Clinic, (928) 462-3435, is run by Cobre Valley Hospital of Globe. There is a PA (Physician's Assistant) on duty Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 9am - 5pm. A doctor is available at the Clinic every Thursday. After-hours calls and emergencies are handled by a local 911 system. DPS and AirEvac helicopters provide emergency transportation to various city hospitals.

For more information, visit the Pleasant Valley Community Center - Young, AZ website...

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